5 Big Benefits of Having a HTML5 and CSS3 Powered Website

5 Big Benefits of Having a HTML5 and CSS3 Powered Website

HTML and CSS have long been the web developers’ best friends. Together, they have built the web with platform-independent websites. Built with the intention of creating websites suitable for all platforms, these scripts find support in all major web browsers on PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Due to this platform independence and versatility, these are the most preferred scripts when it comes to building websites. The latest releases of HTML and CSS are known as HTML5 and CSS3 respectively and offer a host of added features, better performance and breathtaking graphics for the modern, new-age websites. Here are the top 5 benefits of HTML5 and CSS3.



5 Key Benefits of Open Source Development and how it helps Your Business

5 Key Benefits of Open Source Development and how it helps Your Business

Open source development is on an exponential rise. Many businesses are either choosing it from the scratch to build an online presence for them, or switching over to it from proprietary technologies and platforms. But before delving further into the matter, we must have a look at what open source really means.

What is open source development and how does it help?

Open source software and technologies are those in which the original or source code is licensed mostly freely and the software is made available to use, edit and distribute in any manner the user wishes to. Such software is usually developed as a collaborative effort of developers from across the globe. According to a recent survey, open source software save up to $60 billion of consumers from all over the world.

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Web Application Development Offers

Web Application Development Offers

Web Application Development Offers Many Benefits to Your Enterprise

Web Application Development

Web application development means design and development of highly usable web apps like enterprise and ecommerce portals, business apps, technology consulting and utility apps, rich internet apps, etc. They add a lot of value to the services provided by a company. It has seen an exponential rise recently. It boasts of tremendous value for money because it offers immense utility to consumers. This has many advantages that help catapult a brand into a successful one.

Ecommerce Website Design Company for your Online Store

Ecommerce Website Design Company for your Online Store

Choose the Right Ecommerce Website Design Company for your Online Store



You are well aware of the fact that Ecommerce is the next big thing in the industry. You know full well that most of the enterprises are either maintaining an online store alongside a physical one or are completely switching over to the online one. You also know that there are countless online start-ups popping up every year, and you also want to get an online store built for yourself, but are largely undecided about ‘when’ and ‘how’. Through this post, we intend to make the troublesome questions a lot easier for you.

Suitable Web Development Company in Noida

Suitable Web Development Company in Noida

The Most Suitable Web Development Company in Noida for your Business

Web Development


Noida is a haven of web Site development companies. Picking the single best company amongst them is be an arduous task, and is quite redundant too. You just need to find the company that is the best, or the most suitable, for your business. This could involve a lot of factors – the kind of website you need, your budget, the amount of customization in services that you require, proximity, etc. Taking all these things into account is difficult, so oftentimes you have to concentrate on one magic word.

The magic word is – PRIORITY.

360 Degree Social Media Marketing – The Power of Totality

360 Degree Social Media Marketing – The Power of Totality

360 degree social media marketing is a method of digital marketing that focuses on consumer behaviour, engagement and participation and is largely dependent on social media platforms for its successful implementation. 360 degree marketing is a technique that has been implemented for years but it is now that it has started proving excessively useful to the online presence of a business, owing rise in prominence and widespread mainstream popularity of social media and networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr and Reddit. It consists of two major techniques – integrated digital marketing and Web 2.0. Combining these two concepts, 360 degree marketing can be used to enhance the current marketing strategy and the results, help brands, products and services attain better awareness and popularity, enhance consumer loyalty and boost overall sales.

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