A Site must be Well Done to Attract Customers with Tasteful Content

The Need for an Online Presence

To run a profitable business in any part of the world you need to have an identity. Naturally, the first criterion is to create a name for the enterprise, work on marketing strategies, and engage with customers. Companies today need an online presence if they are keen on reaching out to a large dynamic. For this reason, it is imperative to consider a good webhosting company that can work on the various facets of the business. The role of a good host like so with ewebguru.net is to provide the best range of services available right from content that will up the ante for the business as well as something that speaks the language of the nature of the business. Trying to identify a dependable host today especially when you have a wide range of service providers available that not only has multiple options available but some are free too.

Here are a couple of features that one must consider while opting for a reliable website hosting company.

  • The amount of storage provided that accommodates files related to images, documents, video or audio content, etc.
  • Bandwidth – how much is available for visitors to access
  • Email services with a webmail interface to ensure that one can manage communication while travelling using a mobile device if necessary
  • Multiple designs and templates available to ensure customer satisfaction
  • File transfer protocol (FTP) should be available round the clock
  • Customer care and technical support with a 100% guaranteed network maintenance 24×7
  • Proper backups of any material uploaded on the website
  • Finally, the price factor must be considered prior to going full steam ahead

Custom Driven Plans

There are firms that specialize in a wide range of customized design and development of websites; but it takes a good agency that puts their money where their mouth is. With the company that provides web hosting in India you get what you want with a great deal more thrown in for good measure. For one, you do not have to stick with the same old rhetoric of technicalities using myriad applications. The Linux hosting plans are available at various price ranges starting from

  • Copper plan that encompasses with 250 MB monthly bandwidth at just INR 47 per month
  • Bronze plan – at INR 103 a month with 5 GB monthly bandwidth
  • The Silver Plan at INR 156 per month with unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • And finally the Diamond plan with unlimited monthly bandwidth and at about INR 417 per month

24×7 Customer Support


These plans are designed to suit the need of the customer taking into account the money factor as well as the bandwidth required by the customer. Naturally, if required the services available are round the clock which is a real good option, since customers do tend to work at timings that suit them. One can also opt for the Windows hosting plans – the starter, basic and professional plans. The monthly rentals start from about INR 175, 336 and 640 approximately based on the bandwidth and additional add-ons available. Java hosting is also available for the discerning buyer. The bottom line is to find the right plan that suits the need of the business or personalized services.


Data Mining Company

Choose the Best Data Mining Company With This Simple Rule

Data mining is the analysis part of the knowledge finding in databases. It involves finding patterns in large data sets including processes like artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and database systems. The main reason why companies do data mining is to transform a large set of data into understandable block of information that can be used for market knowledge. It allows companies to make informed business decisions.

Data mining was looked upon as a luxury until some time back, but businesses are waking up to the importance of the process by seeing the difference it makes. Most of the multinational corporations already have mining integrated as one of their core processes. Many companies don’t make strategic decisions unless they have the complete data converted into useful information using mining techniques. However, it is not a cheap process and would require being put to good use in order to be able to justify its cost. This results in a demand of a data mining company that could fulfill the client’s needs by being resourceful and economical at the same time.

Searching for the perfect data mining company for your business could become a lot easier if you follow one simple rule. The rule is to make sure you make enough strategic decisions that result in good profit or at least break even with a single session of mining the data, which allows you to justify the cost you put into the whole process. Then, choose the company that offers you the best quotation which allows you to maximize your profits and improve your business processes even more.

Most companies are not very stringent with their plans and pricing and would be happy to go that extra mile in order to help the client. That extra mile could include offering a discount on the whole process, or offering added services or extended time period in the same package and price as quoted. The way you negotiate with the company will decide the profit that you will make from the entire data mining process.

Data mining will not only improve your business decisions, it will improve your business processes as a whole. If used correctly, it will allow you to extract more out of the limited resources. It allows you to have comprehensive real time market knowledge that always keeps you ahead of your competitors. Therefore, putting in a few extra bucks to integrate it into your core business process is a really good idea. As mentioned earlier, if used correctly then it will not only justify its own cost but also increase profits manifold.

Choose the right company by integrating the whole process in your business and make the most of the market knowledge that is present on the internet. The power to make the best and the most informed decisions lies in your own hands, and data mining is one approach that will certainly get you a lot closer to your business goals.

Chose right data mining company that provide the quality data for analysis.

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web scraping

Big Data and your Business: Why it Matters

Big data is a collection of structured and unstructured data that has grown exponentially and is very large in size. It cannot be processed using common data techniques, but using specialized techniques evolved especially for it, big data can be valuable asset for businesses. More data means more analysis, which in turn leads to informed decision making. That translates to better business operation, more efficient functions, reduced costs and much lesser risks. Harnessing relevant data and then analyzing it to find the facts help a company achieve the following: Improved Decision Making Using big data, one can make more informed and confident decisions that lead to the overall improvement in the decision-making process of the company. This in turn allows the business to maximize returns while making the best choice for the future of the company. It gives a good idea of the past, present and prospective trends in the world and lets business leaders decide the course of their company based on those trends and enables them to be the leaders in their industry.

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Is browsing on your wrist a worthwhile experience? Opera will help Samsung Gear S users find out


The cool thing about Samsung’s Gear S smartwatch is that, unlike its rivals, it is itself a phone, rather than a dumb companion device to a smartphone. So, why not stick a browser in it?

That seems to be the logic behind a new port of [company]Opera[/company] Mini to the Tizen-based Gear S. Yes, you’ll be able to browse the web on a 2-inch, wrist-worn screen. Would you want to, though? As an Opera spokeswoman pointed out to me, when Opera Mini first launched eight years ago, it was quite common to use it on mobile phones with screens that small.

“At that time, you could browse, move up and down link by link with the number pad on the
phone. I believe there are still people using these 2-inch basic phones to access the web,” she said. “Now this smartwatch has the 2-inch screen but with more powerful computing…

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5 Benefits of Web Scraping

How Web Scraping Gives You Benefits

Ours is the internet age, where businesses survive on data. Data about competition, customers buying trends, new arrivals and new markets. This data is very intimidating. It is large, it is quickly changing and it is impactful. Visionary business leaders constantly track data, in efficient and cost effective ways like Web Scraping to succeed.

Using Web Scraping, collecting voluminous data off the web has become by far easier, faster, cleaner and efficient. The planners, researchers and decision makers rely on this data for analytics, competitive intelligence and business strategies without thinking twice. More the data the better it is, isn’t it? To understand the business dynamics better, without worrying about the time or the cost of getting data is now possible with data extraction technology.

Online data collection can be made automatic with Web Scraping to help you in many ways.

Accurate Data

Many research companies do manual data collection for research, analytics and planning. When it comes to online sources, Web Scraping is the safest, reliable method to go by. Mainly, if you are tracking competition closely to come up with strategy for pricing, distribution, promotion. High quality results, no duplicates and almost error free data if automatic data extraction through Web Scraping is done.

Save time and space

The speed at which data is available to us on the palm of your hands, makes all the difference. It aids in quick decision making and revisions. This is possible only when the process is automated. Web Scraping is a certainly a boon to executives, when it comes to saving time and resources.

Stay Competitive

Harnessing the power of data is vital in transformation. Quick and reliable result on prices, availability of products online can be of immense value to e commerce, retail and FMCG players in dealing with promotions, pricing and cutting edge competition in the online marketplace.

Manage volumes

Every second, the world generates quintillion bytes of information – Social media data, transactional data, demographic data, industry data and more. Extracting big data manually, accurate and in usable format, is next to impossible. Technology service providers with the help of Web Scraping techniques are able to get millions of data extracted in a jiffy.

All data in one place

Having to go through different websites, collect data from there, put them into usable format is a highly tedious, and time consuming job. Dealing with online data, unstructured data is something many research companies and corporates have to deal with day in and day out. Web Scraping services are now becoming increasingly popular for this very reason. Converting unstructured data into structured data, extracting large data from online sources, and customizing to the individual data needs to get everything one place. Additionally, data-on-the go, or data on mobile is significantly taking over the traditional processes of data collection and reporting.

The beauty of this service is that it is fully customizable to fit into exact client requirement and also within client budget. Track by keywords, track by web sources or track by industry on a day to day basis, weekly or monthly basis; any permutation or combinations, get only the data that is needed.

Web Scraping is proved reliable and effective, by all means. A large number of companies, globally, are outsourcing their data needs for use of Web Scraping service. It is a specialized service, which needs expertise and knowledge and understanding. To avail the real benefits, start your search for a credible Web Scraping service vendor today.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mobile Apps Development

Mobile apps development is not just a premium business deliverable anymore. It is fast becoming a necessity in order to gain a competitive edge over other businesses. Interestingly, many customers now expect a brand or a business to have a mobile app. It has taken information sharing and service provisioning to another level altogether, and is redefining the way products and bought and sold. It adds to the credibility and service reputation of the brand, taking it many notches higher. Keeping in mind the importance that it holds in today’s world, it is only wise to opt for one for your business. Here are five reasons that will make you consider taking the next step more seriously than ever before.

Better Services and Sales

Sale is the favorite word of any and every business that’s in there for profit. And a mobile app has made it easier than ever before. As mentioned earlier, it is changing the way people buy and sell their products. Not just that, it has changed the way people view and scrutinize a product before buying. This also means that customers are more aware buyers, thanks to the added functionalities in an app while viewing or buying a product. Keeping that in mind, it is imperative that you provide your customers with a dedicated app, aimed at better service. Better service will automatically result in greater sales.

Better Sharing

Mobile apps development has made sharing easier than ever before. You can communicate with your customers (the ones who own the mobile app) in a never-before manner through a news feed and push notifications. It provides a rich interface that allows users to connect easily for any queries, complaints or feedback that they may have.

Faster Processes

A mobile app makes the whole process of business with customers, and all of its related processes, as smooth as silk and faster than ever. Turnaround times are shorter, information sharing is better and database creation becomes a lot easier. This in turn saves the businesses a lot of valuable time and resources.

Improved Usability

Apps are easier to use than websites, and that includes responsive websites and mobile websites. The functionality is designed keeping in focus it usability. As a matter of fact, apps were predominantly meant to provide the next level of usability, before they became such a mainstream affair. This allows customers to get access to anything they want, be it buying products or speaking with customer support, through a more user-friendly medium. This also leads to a more engaging and satisfying experience from the customer.

Saves Money

Yes, initially you will have to invest in getting the app built for all major platforms. But thereon it becomes exponentially better in all fields of business, as mentioned above. Increased sales, improved processes and better usability are all extremely beneficial in the long run and save a lot of money, time and resources.

Loginworks provides world class solutions for mobile apps development, in order to help your business become a hit with its customers. Contact us for mobile apps development and any other related service.

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