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Extract Data from Website to Gain Market Knowledge and Competitive Edge

In a competitive world like this, no detail can be overlooked and no piece of information can be let go of. This holds especially true for businesses in the ecommerce domain. Customers will only buy from websites that offer the most competitive prices on a constant basis. This is why ecommerce stores must be on their toes at all times to make sure that not only does their brand have aspiration and a value attached to it but their prices also are the most competitive. The most accurate way to keep your prices competitive and the product data up-to-date at all times is to monitor competition. And to do that, you must know how to extract data from website.

Data extraction has many benefits. It keeps you abreast with the latest prices that are being offered for the products of your domain and the list of the vendors that are offering the same. You can then study the same and set your prices accordingly, based on competition and brand proposition. It also helps by informing you when the product description changes so even if you miss out on something, you can always bring yourself up to speed. Extraction gives you valuable insights about your competition and grants you unprecedented market knowledge, which are the two most essential tools to help you become market leaders in your industry.

If you wish to extract data from website, you have two options. You can choose to do it in-house or you could hire a company to do the same for you, which includes outsourcing. Doing it in-house is very expensive since it requires hiring a specialized team for it, whose member will by no means come cheap. It then requires additional hardware and software for the same, and all the tools and equipment that are necessary for the entire process, including the most advanced software and databases. However, if you outsource this job to a company that specializes in data mining, you can get the whole task done much better and much cheaper. This saves you valuable time and resources and gets you maximum return for the effort you invest in extracting and organizing data.

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3 Reasons why Web Scraping Services are Beneficial for Your Business

Web scraping, also known as web harvesting or web data extraction, is a process in which data is collected from the web. That unstructured data is then converted into structured information to allow analysis or storage in a centralized database. Web scraping services are not something that every business uses, which is what makes them so unique and beneficial. It allows businesses to have that extra edge over their competition, to use it to their advantage. Here are 3 ways in which using a website scraper can be the most important tool your business ever used.

Informed Decision-Making

Business is a game of facts and figures. In this fast moving world, the right information at the right time can make all the difference. Web scraping services allow you to collect all the information you need from the web and use it on a daily basis. You can also keep that information handy and use it at your beck and call. This allows you to put your best foot forward when you make strategic business decisions.

Accurate, Real Time Information

When using a website scraper, you always have access to the most accurate information that is updated in real time. This way, you stay abreast with what’s happening in your industry, and what are the benchmarks for everything. You also get to learn about the various parameters in every domain your business operates and get the right piece of information on how to use those parameters to your advantage.

Competitor Monitoring

An important aspect of staying ahead in the game is to monitor what your competitors are doing. Data extraction is the most accurate and ethical way of doing the same. Having the information about your competitors, which they have already made available to the world, at your fingertips is smart and legal, but how many business leaders actually follow this practice? If you do this on a day-in, day-out basis, you’ll be a lot more on the ball and in the game than the rest of the herd.

Use web scraping services to make informed decisions and also to keep abreast of all the latest information about your industry and your competitors to stay on top.

source: http://webscraping.hubpages.com/hub/Why-Web-Scraping


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