Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Server Hosting

Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Server Hosting: Which is better?

Are you trying to choose between the various hosting services? Most of us are not able to decide which one to go for. And, which one will actually suit our requirements? This article will explain the differences between some major hosting services like Cloud hosting and dedicated hosting so that you will get help in deciding.

Cloud Hosting Vs Dedicated Server Hosting: Which is better?

Cloud Hosting:

  • When you go for Cloud hosting, the servers are outsourced and are run on the virtualized software.
  • Huge numbers of data centers are present which run on servers in the virtual environment. So, only a single server would be producing multiple instances of the virtual server.
  • In this hosting, only one instance will be created on cloud and user would be able to access it instantly. So, the time taken for installation is quite less.
  • From a user’s point of view, it will look like dedicated servers but what actually happens is that the data is present on a lot of different servers. So, even if you get the services like dedicated servers, you would not know exactly which hardware is being used.
  • From the cost view point, for cloud hosting, you would be paying only for the amount of services and storage space that you use. So, there will be no fixed charges and you will pay as much as you use.
  • There will be no other cost involved, like the cost for data storing or transfer. The user would be charged as per his use.
  • The performance would be a little higher in cloud because there are multiple instances.
  • The reliability factor is high because data is stored on multiple instances. So, even if one server crashes, the other instance will take over.

Dedicated Server Hosting:

  • This has been a popular hosting service and is highly recommended for websites which are super interactive.
  • One would be able to lease a dedicated server for hosting their site and will need to pay some monthly charges. Based upon the features you require, the costs will escalate.
  • The time taken for installation is usually a little higher than the cloud hosting.
  • Somebody would actually do the installation and it will take some time as the complete web server would need to be installed. So, the user will have to wait for the setup to get completed before accessing it.
  • From the cost point of view, you will need to pay the monthly cost depending upon the server space and the packages that you choose.
  • The performance might be a little slow at times because there would be some unwanted files which could be running.
  • Reliability might be an issue as it depends only on one dedicated server. If the server crashes, it will take time for you to get a backup server.


Now that you have read the various features of cloud hosting and dedicated hosting, you would be able to decide for yourself, which one would work best for you and what kind of services your sites require.


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