Virtual Private Server Hosting

Benefits of Virtual Private Server Hosting Service

Gone are the days when companies used to have their own servers and a dedicated server room. Now, most of the companies’ data and their web sites are hosted on different servers which are not even present in the office premises. But, even though most of us are aware of these hosting servers, we are still not clear about the various types of hosting services.

What is VPS?

If you check out the internet, most of the blogs will talk about VPS. But, how much do you know about what it means? VPS is the virtual machine which is used for hosting internet services. VPS will run its own copies of Operating System and the customers will have a super user level access to this instance of Operating System. The customers would be able to install any kind of software which would run on this OS. The price of these servers will be much lower than the physical server.

Virtual Private Server Hosting Service

There are a lot of companies which offer VPS hosting services and these can be either managed or unmanaged hosting. In the unmanaged hosting, the customer will have to administer his server instance on his own. And, in managed hosting, the service provider will help in managing the server instance.

Some of the key features of the VPS hosting services include:

  • VPS is quite dynamic as it allows addition of hardware resources even during runtime.
  • Also, the server can be easily moved to some other hardware without any down time.
  • Higher degree of functionality and flexibility is provided at affordable prices
  • As soon as one buys the plan, he would be able to start the hosting business immediately.
  • The plans are quite versatile and also scalable. So, along with expanding business, one can also increase the plans.
  • One would get root access to the server with whatever hosting plans that one chooses. This will allow the person to install whatever software that he needs.
  • Additionally, the business would get a free VPS panel with which one can manage the VPS. You would be able to reboot, reinstall and even shutdown your VPS.
  • The business would get unlimited domains and sub-domains. This will allow the person to manage the VPS server quite effortlessly and in an efficient manner.
  • The VPS hosting service providers will provide excellent technical support and will be able to solve whatever problems that one faces.
  • They will also provide about 99.9% of uptime with a great internet speed.
  • The VPS providers will also take weekly backups so your data will be safe completely. And, even if the server crashes, the alternate instances will take over.


These were the key features and benefits of VPS hosting services. It would be good to move the data to VPS as it is safer and easier to manage data over there. Also, it provides various cost benefits. And, one will not have to worry about the technical aspects as well.


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