A Site must be Well Done to Attract Customers with Tasteful Content

The Need for an Online Presence

To run a profitable business in any part of the world you need to have an identity. Naturally, the first criterion is to create a name for the enterprise, work on marketing strategies, and engage with customers. Companies today need an online presence if they are keen on reaching out to a large dynamic. For this reason, it is imperative to consider a good webhosting company that can work on the various facets of the business. The role of a good host like so with ewebguru.net is to provide the best range of services available right from content that will up the ante for the business as well as something that speaks the language of the nature of the business. Trying to identify a dependable host today especially when you have a wide range of service providers available that not only has multiple options available but some are free too.

Here are a couple of features that one must consider while opting for a reliable website hosting company.

  • The amount of storage provided that accommodates files related to images, documents, video or audio content, etc.
  • Bandwidth – how much is available for visitors to access
  • Email services with a webmail interface to ensure that one can manage communication while travelling using a mobile device if necessary
  • Multiple designs and templates available to ensure customer satisfaction
  • File transfer protocol (FTP) should be available round the clock
  • Customer care and technical support with a 100% guaranteed network maintenance 24×7
  • Proper backups of any material uploaded on the website
  • Finally, the price factor must be considered prior to going full steam ahead

Custom Driven Plans

There are firms that specialize in a wide range of customized design and development of websites; but it takes a good agency that puts their money where their mouth is. With the company that provides web hosting in India you get what you want with a great deal more thrown in for good measure. For one, you do not have to stick with the same old rhetoric of technicalities using myriad applications. The Linux hosting plans are available at various price ranges starting from

  • Copper plan that encompasses with 250 MB monthly bandwidth at just INR 47 per month
  • Bronze plan – at INR 103 a month with 5 GB monthly bandwidth
  • The Silver Plan at INR 156 per month with unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • And finally the Diamond plan with unlimited monthly bandwidth and at about INR 417 per month

24×7 Customer Support


These plans are designed to suit the need of the customer taking into account the money factor as well as the bandwidth required by the customer. Naturally, if required the services available are round the clock which is a real good option, since customers do tend to work at timings that suit them. One can also opt for the Windows hosting plans – the starter, basic and professional plans. The monthly rentals start from about INR 175, 336 and 640 approximately based on the bandwidth and additional add-ons available. Java hosting is also available for the discerning buyer. The bottom line is to find the right plan that suits the need of the business or personalized services.


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