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Data As Services

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Extract Data from Website to Gain Market Knowledge and Competitive Edge

In a competitive world like this, no detail can be overlooked and no piece of information can be let go of. This holds especially true for businesses in the ecommerce domain. Customers will only buy from websites that offer the most competitive prices on a constant basis. This is why ecommerce stores must be on their toes at all times to make sure that not only does their brand have aspiration and a value attached to it but their prices also are the most competitive. The most accurate way to keep your prices competitive and the product data up-to-date at all times is to monitor competition. And to do that, you must know how to extract data from website.

Data extraction has many benefits. It keeps you abreast with the latest prices that are being offered for the products of your domain and the list of the vendors that are offering the same. You can then study the same and set your prices accordingly, based on competition and brand proposition. It also helps by informing you when the product description changes so even if you miss out on something, you can always bring yourself up to speed. Extraction gives you valuable insights about your competition and grants you unprecedented market knowledge, which are the two most essential tools to help you become market leaders in your industry.

If you wish to extract data from website, you have two options. You can choose to do it in-house or you could hire a company to do the same for you, which includes outsourcing. Doing it in-house is very expensive since it requires hiring a specialized team for it, whose member will by no means come cheap. It then requires additional hardware and software for the same, and all the tools and equipment that are necessary for the entire process, including the most advanced software and databases. However, if you outsource this job to a company that specializes in data mining, you can get the whole task done much better and much cheaper. This saves you valuable time and resources and gets you maximum return for the effort you invest in extracting and organizing data.

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3 Reasons why Web Scraping Services are Beneficial for Your Business

Web scraping, also known as web harvesting or web data extraction, is a process in which data is collected from the web. That unstructured data is then converted into structured information to allow analysis or storage in a centralized database. Web scraping services are not something that every business uses, which is what makes them so unique and beneficial. It allows businesses to have that extra edge over their competition, to use it to their advantage. Here are 3 ways in which using a website scraper can be the most important tool your business ever used.

Informed Decision-Making

Business is a game of facts and figures. In this fast moving world, the right information at the right time can make all the difference. Web scraping services allow you to collect all the information you need from the web and use it on a daily basis. You can also keep that information handy and use it at your beck and call. This allows you to put your best foot forward when you make strategic business decisions.

Accurate, Real Time Information

When using a website scraper, you always have access to the most accurate information that is updated in real time. This way, you stay abreast with what’s happening in your industry, and what are the benchmarks for everything. You also get to learn about the various parameters in every domain your business operates and get the right piece of information on how to use those parameters to your advantage.

Competitor Monitoring

An important aspect of staying ahead in the game is to monitor what your competitors are doing. Data extraction is the most accurate and ethical way of doing the same. Having the information about your competitors, which they have already made available to the world, at your fingertips is smart and legal, but how many business leaders actually follow this practice? If you do this on a day-in, day-out basis, you’ll be a lot more on the ball and in the game than the rest of the herd.

Use web scraping services to make informed decisions and also to keep abreast of all the latest information about your industry and your competitors to stay on top.

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All about the mostwanted host company

Title: All about the mostwanted host company revealed, unplugged

India, August 21, 2014: There has been a growing need for hosting services in the recent times. And, this trend is seen not just in India but in the entire world. Most of the people have stopped using servers of their own as they are not very cost effective. And, due to this, there is a growing shift towards hosting service providers. No doubt, with the increase in demand, there is an increase in supply of the service providers as well. Find out all about the mostwanted host company, which is one major hosting company in India.

When the business outsources its hosting server requirements, it is able to get a completely affordable solution which is quite efficient as well. MostWantedHost gives all kind of hosting platforms which will suite everybody’s needs. They have an excellent infrastructure with which most of the hosting related requirements will be taken care of. Their hardware is of top quality and their services are quite superior. They also offer various free tools and templates with which one would be able to build websites. Other than that, they support various programming languages. With the help of the control panel that they provide, one can easily manage the sites and the server as well.

Mostwantedhost.com provides a lot of VPS hosting packages and the more popular amongst them is the Linux VPS hosting service and the Windows VPS hosting service. For businesses which run online mostly, hosting their sites on Linux is quite important. It provides features like unlimited domains, sub-domains, multiple email addresses, MySQL databases, FTP accounts etc. Their servers and services are fully scalable and you would be able to upgrade your plans as you expand your business. They also offer reseller hosting services with which you would be able to create your own business of web hosting without much effort. It will only take a few clicks and you would have started on your own.

A spokesperson from the MosWantedHost.Com states that, “We at mostwantedhost.com are efficient enough to host websites that are developed in a host of web authoring tools such as, HTML, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc. We provide complete windows VPS solution in India and any hosting control panel can be installed in our virtual private server. The site gives detailed information about each server along with its monthly and yearly price”. Through the website, the company gives out a message which says that they offer the most affordable web hosting services and the focus is primarily on the customer satisfaction.

Their customer support is available 24/7 and you would be able to get all your queries answered at any point of time. And, the best thing that they guarantee is the uptime which is 99.9%. So, with this, your site would be up and running all the time.

They are the best in this service industry, providing ease of use, the best technology, reliable services, high speed and maximum guaranteed uptime. Just visit the site at www.mostwantedhost.com for getting more information on the different hosting plans and packages. Check them out today!!!

Dedicated Servers- First Authentic Step for Great Website Success

There are many businessmen who generally share the servers in order to cut the cost and even for many other aspects. However the concept of dedicated server hosting will help them to use the server capability completely without sharing it with anyone. There is a wide array of advantages with these sorts of services, namely the owner will be having full freedom in making use of the operating system, any sort of hardware and even many different components. These hosting services let the world know about the business operations and the services of a company through a website on the internet. To avail this opportunity, there are various hosting companies which provide certain space for you on a server.

It is by using the dedicated servers, it has been proved many a times that the companies which choose this option will be getting huge returns. There will be no more hindrances like disrupted power supply, etc. as these are allocated from the data centers that are completely furnished. The prices for these are even affordable. However, there are various services in the market and so select the best one which will be completely useful to you in all aspects. There are even cheap dedicated servers and one must consult the hosting company and let them know their requirements. Here they will suggest you exactly what you need and how much you need to spend in this regard.

Following are the reasons that describe All About Dedicated Server Hosting why everyone is afforded for this alternative of dedicated servers.

  • There is no need to think of processing power and performance aspects, however complex your website is.
  • One can rest assured as there will be no more chances or experiences like crashing, etc. The response time will even be faster when compared to the shared server hosting.
  • Avoid the fear of hacking and security aspects of your website. A dedicated server will provide full pleadged internet security to its clients.
  • There are various circumstances where the viruses get effected to the servers when you share a server with other people.
  • At times, there will be chances which demand to expand the website, here one needs to think of the server space etc. However, it is by having the dedicated servers there will be no more hassles even in these circumstances.
  • Here the bandwidth will be very high and so the speed of navigation will be very splendid. It is here the visitors of your website will have a comfortable feel to browse and even to gain more information about your business operations and services.
  • This choice is the wise means of having a professional website and this is approved and followed by many people.

The popularity of these websites is going on increasing in these days. Most of the times, other than the cost for these sorts of options, the true benefits are always measured. Just because, at the end of the day everyone works and does a business to get high conversion rates and huge traffic. So know All About Dedicated Server Hosting and enjoy its features.

Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Server Hosting

Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Server Hosting: Which is better?

Are you trying to choose between the various hosting services? Most of us are not able to decide which one to go for. And, which one will actually suit our requirements? This article will explain the differences between some major hosting services like Cloud hosting and dedicated hosting so that you will get help in deciding.

Cloud Hosting Vs Dedicated Server Hosting: Which is better?

Cloud Hosting:

  • When you go for Cloud hosting, the servers are outsourced and are run on the virtualized software.
  • Huge numbers of data centers are present which run on servers in the virtual environment. So, only a single server would be producing multiple instances of the virtual server.
  • In this hosting, only one instance will be created on cloud and user would be able to access it instantly. So, the time taken for installation is quite less.
  • From a user’s point of view, it will look like dedicated servers but what actually happens is that the data is present on a lot of different servers. So, even if you get the services like dedicated servers, you would not know exactly which hardware is being used.
  • From the cost view point, for cloud hosting, you would be paying only for the amount of services and storage space that you use. So, there will be no fixed charges and you will pay as much as you use.
  • There will be no other cost involved, like the cost for data storing or transfer. The user would be charged as per his use.
  • The performance would be a little higher in cloud because there are multiple instances.
  • The reliability factor is high because data is stored on multiple instances. So, even if one server crashes, the other instance will take over.

Dedicated Server Hosting:

  • This has been a popular hosting service and is highly recommended for websites which are super interactive.
  • One would be able to lease a dedicated server for hosting their site and will need to pay some monthly charges. Based upon the features you require, the costs will escalate.
  • The time taken for installation is usually a little higher than the cloud hosting.
  • Somebody would actually do the installation and it will take some time as the complete web server would need to be installed. So, the user will have to wait for the setup to get completed before accessing it.
  • From the cost point of view, you will need to pay the monthly cost depending upon the server space and the packages that you choose.
  • The performance might be a little slow at times because there would be some unwanted files which could be running.
  • Reliability might be an issue as it depends only on one dedicated server. If the server crashes, it will take time for you to get a backup server.


Now that you have read the various features of cloud hosting and dedicated hosting, you would be able to decide for yourself, which one would work best for you and what kind of services your sites require.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Benefits of Virtual Private Server Hosting Service

Gone are the days when companies used to have their own servers and a dedicated server room. Now, most of the companies’ data and their web sites are hosted on different servers which are not even present in the office premises. But, even though most of us are aware of these hosting servers, we are still not clear about the various types of hosting services.

What is VPS?

If you check out the internet, most of the blogs will talk about VPS. But, how much do you know about what it means? VPS is the virtual machine which is used for hosting internet services. VPS will run its own copies of Operating System and the customers will have a super user level access to this instance of Operating System. The customers would be able to install any kind of software which would run on this OS. The price of these servers will be much lower than the physical server.

Virtual Private Server Hosting Service

There are a lot of companies which offer VPS hosting services and these can be either managed or unmanaged hosting. In the unmanaged hosting, the customer will have to administer his server instance on his own. And, in managed hosting, the service provider will help in managing the server instance.

Some of the key features of the VPS hosting services include:

  • VPS is quite dynamic as it allows addition of hardware resources even during runtime.
  • Also, the server can be easily moved to some other hardware without any down time.
  • Higher degree of functionality and flexibility is provided at affordable prices
  • As soon as one buys the plan, he would be able to start the hosting business immediately.
  • The plans are quite versatile and also scalable. So, along with expanding business, one can also increase the plans.
  • One would get root access to the server with whatever hosting plans that one chooses. This will allow the person to install whatever software that he needs.
  • Additionally, the business would get a free VPS panel with which one can manage the VPS. You would be able to reboot, reinstall and even shutdown your VPS.
  • The business would get unlimited domains and sub-domains. This will allow the person to manage the VPS server quite effortlessly and in an efficient manner.
  • The VPS hosting service providers will provide excellent technical support and will be able to solve whatever problems that one faces.
  • They will also provide about 99.9% of uptime with a great internet speed.
  • The VPS providers will also take weekly backups so your data will be safe completely. And, even if the server crashes, the alternate instances will take over.


These were the key features and benefits of VPS hosting services. It would be good to move the data to VPS as it is safer and easier to manage data over there. Also, it provides various cost benefits. And, one will not have to worry about the technical aspects as well.

The Best Agency for the Job with Deliver on its Promises

Available Choices

Before making any major decisions especially if you are starting out a business, one has to look into various options. Website hosting services are available today either as freebie options or through reliable channels that design and maintain the site for the duration specified. Migration of a website is something that should be factored in, if one is looking at a new agency to handle the account. Finding the right firm that provides this brand of business can be quite daunting, and here are a few hosting services benefits that one should consider prior to going with the first agency.

  • Cost effectiveness and delivery of the project
  • Server space for storage of myriad files (text, animation, audio, video, imagery)
  • Database creation
  • Authentic email accounts
  • Website maintenance 24×7
  • User-friendly applications that can be monitored on the move by the administrator
  • Reliability from the very beginning
  • Back office customer and technical support

Windows and Linux Applications

Technology used to create a website is not restricted to Windows based applications. Most people today are more comfortable with the application, but when you consider what is available at mostwantedhost.com, you get quite a wide range of services. Linux applications are worth considering not only because of the ease on the pocket (which is an advantage in itself), but the bandwidth and the reliability angle as well. Here are a couple of options that can help people get a fair idea of what is on offer.

Windows Hosting

US$ 35 per annum 100 GB monthly bandwidth with 100 sub domains, 1 domain limit, 10 GB webspace (Starter Plan)

US$ 70 per annum unlimited monthly bandwidth with 200 sub domains, 3 domain limits, 25 GB webspace (Basic Plan)

US$ 130 yearly unlimited monthly bandwidth with 200 sub domains, 3 domain limits, 25 GB webspace (Professional Plan)

Linux Hosting

Bronze Plan – US$ 29 yearly 5 GB monthly bandwidth with 1 sub domain, 1 domain limit, and 1GB webspace

Silver Plan – US$ 44.50 yearly, unlimited monthly bandwidth with 100 sub domains, 1 domain limit, and unlimited webspace

Gold Plan – US$ 71 yearly, unlimited monthly bandwidth with 200 sub domains, 3 domain limit, unlimited webspace

Diamond Plan – US$ 135 yearly, unlimited monthly bandwidth with unlimited sub domains, unlimited domain limit, unlimited webspace

The Bottom Line

To the discerning customer who is looking at cost cutting, it pays to know what is available and what one can expect. To take a brand to the next, it is imperative to have a site the not only looks good to customers but doesn’t pack because of xyz reasons. The web hosting company has to be extremely versatile to suit the needs of the customer. Naturally, data transfer and plan enhancement must be factored in based on how well the business improves over time. A good clear cut website is bound to be the place that customers will flock to; therefore, it is important to ensure that the website is running all the time without any chance of crashing. This is extremely imperative in an ecommerce site that needs to be up and running 24×7 or lose the attention span of customers!

A Site must be Well Done to Attract Customers with Tasteful Content

The Need for an Online Presence

To run a profitable business in any part of the world you need to have an identity. Naturally, the first criterion is to create a name for the enterprise, work on marketing strategies, and engage with customers. Companies today need an online presence if they are keen on reaching out to a large dynamic. For this reason, it is imperative to consider a good webhosting company that can work on the various facets of the business. The role of a good host like so with ewebguru.net is to provide the best range of services available right from content that will up the ante for the business as well as something that speaks the language of the nature of the business. Trying to identify a dependable host today especially when you have a wide range of service providers available that not only has multiple options available but some are free too.

Here are a couple of features that one must consider while opting for a reliable website hosting company.

  • The amount of storage provided that accommodates files related to images, documents, video or audio content, etc.
  • Bandwidth – how much is available for visitors to access
  • Email services with a webmail interface to ensure that one can manage communication while travelling using a mobile device if necessary
  • Multiple designs and templates available to ensure customer satisfaction
  • File transfer protocol (FTP) should be available round the clock
  • Customer care and technical support with a 100% guaranteed network maintenance 24×7
  • Proper backups of any material uploaded on the website
  • Finally, the price factor must be considered prior to going full steam ahead

Custom Driven Plans

There are firms that specialize in a wide range of customized design and development of websites; but it takes a good agency that puts their money where their mouth is. With the company that provides web hosting in India you get what you want with a great deal more thrown in for good measure. For one, you do not have to stick with the same old rhetoric of technicalities using myriad applications. The Linux hosting plans are available at various price ranges starting from

  • Copper plan that encompasses with 250 MB monthly bandwidth at just INR 47 per month
  • Bronze plan – at INR 103 a month with 5 GB monthly bandwidth
  • The Silver Plan at INR 156 per month with unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • And finally the Diamond plan with unlimited monthly bandwidth and at about INR 417 per month

24×7 Customer Support


These plans are designed to suit the need of the customer taking into account the money factor as well as the bandwidth required by the customer. Naturally, if required the services available are round the clock which is a real good option, since customers do tend to work at timings that suit them. One can also opt for the Windows hosting plans – the starter, basic and professional plans. The monthly rentals start from about INR 175, 336 and 640 approximately based on the bandwidth and additional add-ons available. Java hosting is also available for the discerning buyer. The bottom line is to find the right plan that suits the need of the business or personalized services.