Is browsing on your wrist a worthwhile experience? Opera will help Samsung Gear S users find out


The cool thing about Samsung’s Gear S smartwatch is that, unlike its rivals, it is itself a phone, rather than a dumb companion device to a smartphone. So, why not stick a browser in it?

That seems to be the logic behind a new port of [company]Opera[/company] Mini to the Tizen-based Gear S. Yes, you’ll be able to browse the web on a 2-inch, wrist-worn screen. Would you want to, though? As an Opera spokeswoman pointed out to me, when Opera Mini first launched eight years ago, it was quite common to use it on mobile phones with screens that small.

“At that time, you could browse, move up and down link by link with the number pad on the
phone. I believe there are still people using these 2-inch basic phones to access the web,” she said. “Now this smartwatch has the 2-inch screen but with more powerful computing…

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