Get started with Personal Web Pages


Personal Web Pages let you share your life with the world. Find out what features are available, how to check disk space usage, what the Rules of the Road are and more.

All about Personal Web Pages

Start a blog, link to your favorite web sites, and post hundreds and hundreds of pictures, videos and documents. You can also upload and download files anywhere in the world you have Internet access.

You can do all this and more when you create your own website with Personal Web Pages. Free to any of our subscribers, your Personal Web Page comes with the latest features and 1GB (gigabyte) of online storage space.

Features included with Personal Web Pages:

  • Personal Page Name
    Provide your website with a personalized, easy-to-remember URL (web address). You have two choices:

  • Website Builder
    Build an entire website quickly and easily. Add the site features you want, choose your color scheme, and much more!

  • Address List
    Among other things, you can easily create a list of members for your community, and set who’ll receive copies of your e-newsletters.

  • Calendar
    Create and manage a monthly calendar that can be viewed by visitors. It’s a great way to let people know what’s happening at your site throughout the year.

  • Counter
    Keep track of how many visitors your site receives.

  • FrontPage Extensions
    Add support for Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions to your site. Use Microsoft FrontPage to upload and manage your site, and add the ability to use FrontPage 2002 Extensions such as the hit counter, site search, discussion webs, and form support.

  • Guestbook
    Receive feedback from visitors to your site and help identify people with similar interests. Visitors can sign-in, leave comments, and even view what others have said about your site.

  • Mailform
    Visitors can easily contact you via email on your Web site.

  • Newsletter
    Communicate with members of similar interests: gather articles, edit them, and then send a completed newsletter to your subscribers.

  • Polling Booth
    Poll visitors and provide up-to-the-minute results, right on your website. It’s a fast and simple way to find out what others are thinking.

Disk space usage

There is so much you can do and with 1GB of free online storage space, you can do it all!  We also make it easy to keep track of your disk space usage.

To check disk space usage:

The more disk memory you use, the higher the percentage number will increase and the further the green bar will move to the right. If you need to free up space, don’t delete online files. Instead, download files to your hard drive.

Personal Web Pages’ Rules of the Road

Before you get started, take a moment to review our Rules of the Road:

  • Personal Web Pages allow any XFINITY Internet Service member to create and publish a 25MB web page per Email account, accessible via the Internet.

  • Your use of this feature of XFINITY Internet Service is governed by the same Terms and Conditions as your use of the rest of the Service, including the policies governing acceptable use and conduct. You can click on Terms Of Service at any time to review them.

  • You are solely and totally responsible for the content on your web pages and your use of this feature. We will not systematically review that content, but we have the discretion to block access to your pages, remove content on your pages, or suspend or terminate your account if the content violates the Terms and Conditions or Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Copyrighted material is the property of the owner and the owner can take you to court if you make a digital copy (say, on your personal home page) without permission. Third parties can similarly own and legally restrict your copying of trademarks, photographs, and other intellectual property. So, please, stick to images and other content that you know you can use without infringing someone else’s rights to that content. When in doubt, seek the permission of the owner.

  • If you wish to include your email address on your page, please be aware that web crawlers can visit your page, pull the email address and proceed to use it in mass emailings or spam that you may not want.

  • Keep a copy of your web page on either your hard drive or on a disk for any possible future changes/revisions.

If you’re subject to a Service plan that permits business use of the Service, you may include business information on your web pages, within the 1GB limit, subject to the following: Business Information Includes:

  • Information about a for-profit activity (yours or someone else’s) if you stand to gain financially, either directly or indirectly, from publishing that information. For example, a purely personal recommendation about your favorite product or place is not commercial information. Information about a product or service that you sell would be.

  • A link to any information about a for-profit activity if you stand to gain financially, directly, or indirectly from that link. The link can be a banner ad, an icon, or text.

Rules for Business Information:

  • Comcast does not endorse or guarantee any product or service mentioned on your web pages and you may not state or imply any such endorsement or guarantee.

  • The XFINITY Internet Service Subscriber Agreement and policies (also sometimes known as the Terms and Conditions) continue to apply to any business information you put on your pages and to your use of the XFINITY Internet Service to create, edit, and publish business information. You are solely responsible for the content on your pages, including any commercial information. Comcast does not assume any responsibility for any loss, damage, or cost due to your use or inability to use the Service, including any inability of others to view your pages. Please refer to the Terms of Service for details.



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